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Bar Path Fitness

Powerlifting coaching, strength training, education and empowerment



Welcome to our page. Whether you're looking for strength and conditioning information, personalized coaching, or just a place where you can find community and support during your quest for inner and outer strength, we have something for you. Take a look around and feel free to Contact Us with questions.



About us



We are a couple from Chicago, Illinois looking to educate, coach, and empower through strength and conditioning and powerlifting. We are highly educated, certified, and experienced; but more importantly, we are strong believers in the power of strength training for confidence and improved quality of life. We specialize in individualized programming and powerlifting coaching - particularly for females. Check our our education, certifications, experience and more in the ABOUT US tab above.


Katie & Heather

  • USAPL Competitive Powerlifters
  • Masters in Health & Human Performance & Applied Health Science
  • Chicago-based Coaches / Trainers
  • Over 15 years combined professional fitness experience (training & coaching)

Science! Research! Information!

blogs & Articles


BLogs & Articles

Check out our BLOGS & ARTICLES page above for tons of information on various topics related to strength training, competing, and being a woman in the fitness industry. Blogs are added periodically and uploaded to our social media sites.


online coaching, training, & inquiries



Online coaching


  • Initial Consultation and Video Assessment

  • Weekly Checkins

  • Video Analysis

  • Weekly Program Updates

  • Consistent and Frequent Email Communication


In person coaching



Forms and Resources


Meet Day packing checklist

Meet day is a whirlwind of activity and adrenaline. Make sure you're prepared and have everything you need from equipment to snacks. Download our Meet Day Packing Checklist below.